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SEO to Improve Your Sales Leads

To get sales leads online you need some knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO).  SEO is the art and science of letting search engines know that you have great website content for humans. That is also the root of why SEO is so difficult.

Since computers and people don’t process information in the same way, the search engine processes are always changing rules in hopes of providing better results.

Not only are these rules constantly changing, but, they are not published! If search engines worked like a car dealership, there would be a lot of salespeople sitting in the corner wondering why their power wardrobe isn’t getting them any customers.

As if all that wasn’t enough, there are a lot of different search engines, all programmed with different algorithms.

Why Search Engines Make Optimization Difficult

As background, search engines are a free service to searchers. Since they don’t make money from searches, they sell ads around the edge of each result page. There is a lot of competition for ad dollars so they have to keep the searchers happy by providing good results, otherwise who could click on the ads.

There are over 200 rules that Google looks at to decide which site will best meet the needs of viewers. They won’t tell you what the rules are because then site managers would learn to cheat the rules and bad content would get through.

There are clues, however. valuable content, meaningful keywords, healthy links, and smart coding all help, but there is more to know. Search engine optimization professionals spend their days researching, analyzing statistics, and a/b testing conclusions for rank improvements.

Consequences of Improper Search Engine Optimization

We’ve figured out that there are things to do to improve your relationship with search engines. Did you know that you can also harm that relationship?

Common mistakes will cause your site to have poor rankings which makes your website difficult for people to find. This has a direct impact on the profitability of your business.

If you try to take shortcuts or trick the system to improve rankings, it is possible to hurt your online presence so much that if you took down your website, sold the domain address to someone else, they built a whole different site–the search engines would still shun it!

We can SEO your business website or online store.  We can also build a whole new site in days, optimized to collect particularly profitable sales leads.

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