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Web Hosting for Website

Looking for affordable and easy web hosting with one click setup?  Enjoy 24/7 phone or online support and 99% up time and money-back guarantee. With our award-winning center, you’ll know your site is always up and running.  We know it’s tricky to know what to look for…that’s why HostRat® makes hosting your Website or Blog simple and user- friendly! Easy & Affordable Web Hosting

The Best Web Hosting Services of 2017We use industry-standard control panels giving you the flexibility to choose the platform that works best for your needs. Choose from cPanel for Linux or Parallels Plesk for Windows. Thanks to our award-winning data centers, lightning-fast load times and 24/7 monitoring, you know your site will always be safe, secure and online – guaranteed*.

Keeping a website secure is a full time job. That’s why our security team is on the job 24/7, monitoring your site for suspicious activity and protecting it against brute force and DDoS attacks. If you plan on using a Web application to blog, podcast, or create a shopping cart and you are working with a designer or developer to build your site, check to see what operating system the application needs (Linux or Windows) or what software language will be used, before purchasing your hosting account.

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