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Auto Lead Generating Website

When your dealership has exclusive access to special finance car loan leads online, you have a red hot buyer. With your approval, this is a driver who is highly motivated and will only shop from your dealership. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Special Financing Auto Leads

Online no credit and bad credit auto loan leads for auto dealerships should sound like opportunity knocking!

Leads for auto financing are people who need to buy now. When you are the one to help them out of a tight spot you become the hero.

Do you want more sales and more raving fans? Your ability to treat drivers with respect, and trust in their future instead of their past, can build you an enormous group of loyal people.

It used to be that customers talked to a few friends and coworkers, but, now it seems like everyone tells the Internet. When you earn good reviews on Yelp and pictures of your new cars show up on social media sites, then your special financing leads can develop into all kinds of leads.

Everyone is looking for a dealership they can trust. This could be you.

Motivated Leads For Automotive Sales Teams

Leads for car dealers also turn into leads for car salesmen or women. When you generate pre-financed prospects for your automotive sales team then they will sell more. As they earn more, they are likely to stay with your dealership longer, building repeat business from the original lead as vehicles wear out or new features entice them back.

It also keeps the support teams busy and morale high.

Fewer turnovers mean fewer personnel headaches like advertising, recruiting, interviews, paperwork, training, bad hires, and clothing (hats, logo shirts, etc.). All of these items have actual or opportunity-loss costs which add up to a significant impact on the bottom line.

Save Money And Make Even More

Traditional lead generation companies charge a fortune for cold leads, often shared with other dealerships. You can have your very own special finance website generating hot leads just for your showroom. The leads securely go right from your form to your finance team. No sharing.

The site is built just for your company and marketplace. While that may sound expensive, rest assured, it’s not. With over 30 years of combined automotive, marketing and web experience our team knows how to build a quality site efficiently. This saves you money and gives you the exclusive opportunity for a stellar return on investment.

Consumers requesting a no credit or bad credit loan know that their interest rate will be above average, but, by submitting their information are permitting you to profit from the lucrative transaction as they profit from your courtesy and reliable vehicle. Everyone wins.

Contact us for a no-hassle, no-obligation quote right away.

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