What Do Hosting Companies Provide?

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A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Web...

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How to Start an Online Store and Where to Find Products

Your DIY Online Shop

The Online Store You Want Starting an online store is not as difficult as starting a physical or a 'brick and mortar' store. Online stores can now be designed easier, faster, and cheaper.  You do not need to hire a contractor to begin construction of your building.  What this means is that you are not...

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Why You Need SSL Certificates

Keep Website safe with a SSL Certificates

Protect transactions and customer data with a SSL Certificate SSL certificates can make all the difference in terms of website security. More and more business websites are going to be using them these days. When it comes to websites that accept credit cards, SSL certificates can mean the difference between those customers feeling safe and...

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The All-In-One Solution for Your Web Store

Drop shipping selling

There has never been a quicker or easier way to set up an ecommerce online store, personal or business website, or even a blog. HostRat.net gives you the tools to do-it-yourself, even if you don’t have any technical or coding skills. If you have always wanted to create your own web store, HostRat.net has everything...

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Easy & Affordable Web Hosting

Fast, secure, reliable web hosting

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you would know the huge impact that Internet has had on the world, especially when it comes to expanding your business and reaching out to a global market. Thanks to the internet, even start-ups now have access to big investors, manufacturers can reach out to a wider audience...

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Need Website Hosting? HostRat® Can Aid You in All of Your Hosting Needs

According to recent statistics, approximately two billion individuals around the globe have access to the Internet, which is not a huge surprise if you stop and think about all the individuals that you run into on a daily basis who have their high-tech devices in hand in order to emerge their minds in the numerous...

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Linux VPS vs. Windows VPS: Which one is Right for You?

So you've decided that a virtual private server is the way to go for your business. Sweet! Control, privacy, dedicated resources, ridiculously awesome hardware. Now that you've got that first step out of the way, it's time to make your next VPS hosting decision - what type of operating system should you go for? You...

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WordPress Website Hosting

A Premium WordPress Hosting Platform Can Help You Stand Out from the Crowd There are clearly numerous WordPress hosting solutions available on the market. It’s a well-known fact that having too many choices can cause confusion to evolve when deciding what option is your best bet. There are only a few WordPress hosting plans that...

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