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Five Tips to Designing a Good Website

When you’re building a webpage, the world is more or less your oyster. You can explore different opportunities, stretch your wings out- and create something that’s uniquely you- that speaks to different aspects of your personality. It’s important however, to follow some basic custom web design tactics that keep your website looking the best that it possibly can, without making any basic mistakes.

Web Developer Tip #1 Don’t Do Away With Scrolling

While all web browsers have a ton of different features and different ways that they do things, but the browser window is the final frontier of simplicity- all you really need is an address/search bar, several buttons for connectivity, and windows that allow users to read, scroll and click through your website content. Don’t take away from your web-page by interfering with the basic things that your computer does. Take your time, and make sure that your page is free from clutter, and free from website design blunders before your custom design website goes online.

Web Developer Tip #2 Create Warnings to Deter Page Re-Submission

As a web designer in Raleigh, NC, I’ve learned that the one thing that people hate more than anything else about web-pages is when they try to fill out a form and form refreshes or they miss a button and have to re-do the complex form two or three times or more. Between mountains of data, validation of data, formatting data, handling errors in the data, and everything else that goes along with it, it works in your favor to make it as painful and less stressful for users. Programmers should insert the right scripts so that users never have to re-prompt their submissions.

Web Developer Tip #3 Give Feedback Options

People love to tell you what went wrong- it’s important to give them an avenue to do so. If you’ve got a problem where your web-page is behaving in ways that it’s no supposed to then provide users with the ‘news’ or ‘announcement’ telling them you’re aware and working on a solution. If your site is too heavy for basic processing and requires a little more bandwidth, inform users, and if something fails, immediately provide support, especially when a page is loading (I.E. “if this page fails to load within the next 10 seconds, click here to redirect”).

Web Developer Tip #4 Don’t Move Stuff Around on Your Page Without Interacting With Your User Base

Don’t be sneaky. Sure, there are a lot of websites out there that try to pull too many advertisements and, although, that might be good for the website for revenue reasons, it can be overwhelming for the customer, if it’s over the top.  People hate going where they don’t want to go. Placing too many ads at a juncture that is only going to frustrate viewers is going to kill your regulars. Don’t put expanding advertisements that dominate screens- if you want people to visit your links, beef up the contact and supporting links offering great benefits with your subscription instead of trying to pull people in with jargon or sneaky web tactics.

Web Developer Tip #5 Never, Never, Never Use Too Many Pop-Ups- Never.

Your site should always stay open, all the time, in it’s own tab. If you’ve got links for users to follow, have link open up in new tab so that when they close that tab it brings user back to page where they left off.   Avoid advertisements that take away from the power of your content. There are multiple programs out there that can help you avoid these tiny, annoying little boxes that ruin a good website.  While you think that snaring your users might garner you more clients, you’re wrong. Too many pop-ups can scare users away.

With our advice you can build a website you’re proud of! We give you all the tips and advice you need here on so you know exactly what you need to get done, when you’re creating a custom designed websites

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