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The Connection Between Web Design and SEO

Many people who are skilled at web design are also skilled at SEO. There are plenty of companies who more or less specialize in both subjects. They will change the websites of their clients in order to make them more visually appealing and easier to use, and they will update their web content in order to make it more search engine optimization friendly. While the connection between these two skills may not seem entirely intuitive, it ultimately makes sense that people who were skilled in one of these areas would be skilled in both, and it makes sense to specialize in both.

For one thing, people need to be conscious of the Internet habits of others in order to effectively do web design or SEO. They need to know which keywords to use in web content. They also need to know how people are going to respond to particular web design formats. Certain website styles are no longer in fashion today. Certain SEO techniques will no longer work for today’s audiences. The people who thoroughly understand the habits of people who are active on the Internet are going to need to understand trends in the usage of the Internet. Some of these trends involve the ways in which people access web content. Some of these trends involve the ways in which people respond to certain websites.

People hire webpage designers in order to make their websites more profitable or at least more aesthetically pleasing and modern. They also hire search engine optimization experts in order to improve their marketing strategies, making it that much more likely that people are even going to find their websites. Web design and search engine optimization are both ultimately about Internet marketing in many ways, which is why there is such a clear connection between them.

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